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Laurie Bouchard, Principal and Owner of LBouchard & Associates, LLC works with companies and organizations (typically with 25 or more employees) to positively impact organizational success by focusing on their human resources. She brings over 25 years of experience in the human resources field, with expertise in all of the following areas. For some lines of business, specific tools are listed; these are representative of the resources that are available.

Engagements will be customized according to client needs.

Organizational Development

Employees are the most valuable asset in most organizations, and fostering a culture that will encourage employees to maximize their contributions is critical to success.

Tool: Workplace Culture Survey: We will work together to establish a baseline with an online survey (customizable) to assess your existing culture, analyze the results, and then develop and implement a plan to improve in identified areas. The survey will report results by department or division, by gender, and by years of service. The survey may be repeated every 12-18 months to assess progress and redefine priorities.

Hiring Practices

In order for your business or organization to maximize its potential, you need the best possible staff, and hiring mistakes are very costly. I can help ensure that you select people with the best potential for success.

Tools: I use various tools to screen applicants, depending on the needs of the client. I also write and place employment advertisements, conduct screening or full interviews via Skype or in person, check references, perform background checks, and make recommendations as to the most suitable candidates.

Employee Development

Once you have talented staff, investing in their development will help maximize their potential and contribution. Training and development needs will be assessed, and programs initiated to give employees what they need to become top performers.

I offer a wide range of leadership and employee development programs, customized to the needs of the client. The most commons deal with communications, conflict resolution, and managerial/leadership training.

The Art of Human Relations - A Recipe for Success© is a 12-hour "Maine made" program, co-authored by Laurie Bouchard and Lee Ann Szelog, that is offered for staff at all levels within a business or organization. While it is designed around enhancing service delivery and the customer experience (and it will definitely accomplish this), as well as advancing internal working relationships, it is considerably more far-reaching in terms of its impact on individuals, their self-image, and an enhanced understanding of their potential (at work and in life). Everyone benefits, and some participants have said that this Program “changed their life.”

Retention of Top Performers

Retention of top-performing staff is critical to long-term success. Top Performers will be identified by assessing performance and potential using “Organization Management Review,” which divides the workforce into the top third, the middle third, and the lower third. Strategies for retaining the top third and maximizing their contributions will be developed and implemented, as well as strategies for moving the bottom third up.

Overall turnover may also be analyzed; areas for improvement will be identified, and plans will be developed and implemented to reduce costly turnover.

Leadership Development

Leadership skills are essential for success, and it is critical that each leader understand his/her strengths and weaknesses in order to fulfill his/her potential.

Tools: Using an online 360-degree leadership effectiveness survey (completed by the leader, their boss, their direct reports, their peers, and several community members), I will work with individuals to conduct the survey, interpret the results, and design and implement personal development plans, including one-on-one coaching.

Compensation & Benefits

Salary and benefits expense is often one of the company's largest, if not the largest, controllable expense. Job descriptions, salary ranges and job grades may be developed, and overall compensation and benefits reviewed for competitiveness and cost effectiveness.

Strategic Planning

“If you don’t know where you are going, any road will lead you there.” (Lewis Carroll) Any company or organization will benefit from establishing a Mission Statement, Vision, and Key Success Factors. From the Key Success Factors, long term objectives, short- and long-term strategies, and Action Plans can be developed. I will facilitate the development of the Strategic Plan from the Mission Statement to the Action Plans, leading to greater long-term success.

Mergers and Acquisitions

Human resources experience and expertise is often needed in mergers and acquisitions. Often there is a reduction in force, with many applicable employment laws. A new organizational chart is prepared, and staff from both organizations must be evaluated and selected for the available roles. Diverse cultures present challenges in leadership and communication, and compensation and benefits must be considered.

Other Services

Additional services are available, based on the needs of the client. These may include facilitation, coaching, interviewing, analysis, assessment, problem resolution, or other!

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